3 July

Wilderness Protection Act Protests 109 Million Acres

The Wilderness Act will be 50 years old next year. It’s a good time to review the legacy of this forward-thinking law signed by Lyndon Johnson in September 1964. The original law included 9.1 million acres of pristine wilderness. Since then, the total land covered by the Act has grown to 109.5 million acres.

Wilderness unchanged by technology and development helps conserve native plants and animals. By preserving habitat, the biodiversity of the continent is also preserved. The environment is minimally managed, so ecosystems within Read the rest of this entry »

15 May

Rare Species The Wilderness Give Refuge To

When people think about the forests and the jungles, they may wonder why they are worth saving. While it is important to think about the trees and the value of the plants themselves, it is also important to look at the diverse species of wildlife within the forests and to consider what they mean to the world. There are a number of highly-endangered species that live in the wilderness that could easily become extinct if care is not taken.

For example, the largest bat in Florida, the Florida bonneted bat, is Read the rest of this entry »

27 March

Due To Wilderness Devastation, Many Animals Are Extinct

When wildlife is destroyed, many of the animals who lived in these spaces cease to exist. Remember, all animals need different types of environments, foods, temperatures and other factors to exist. Therefore, they cannot just move from one climate or ecosystem to another if the one in which they live is destroyed.

Some people believe that destroying just one will not damage anyone. Unfortunately, it hurts the animals who live there, and it gives off Read the rest of this entry »

14 September

Protect the Environment – Go Green Energy

Fossil fuels are the mainstay of our society’s power structure, but they can have some pretty negative effects on the environment. They can black out our skies and eat away at the Earth’s atmosphere causing some adverse effects that not only impact the environment, but our very livelihood as well. One of the best ways you can help protect the environment is by going to sites like Click Here and going green with your energy.

Energy services like the ones on the site I just mentioned are only a small example of a trend that’s happening in the energy industry. Companies are now looking to the future and seeing that fossil fuels won’t be around forever. A lot of these companies have started getting their energy from clean, renewable sources like the wind, the ocean and even the sun

These sources of energy have proven reliable and each and every day, scientists perfect the method of harnessing and implementing them. And, unlike fossil fuels, we really don’t have to worry about there being any shortage of wind, running water or the sun.

Energy companies have seen the future and the future is green. Get with the program and power your home the green way, and help save the environment.

29 May

Protect The Homes Of The Wildlife Animal In The Wilderness

Proctecting the homes of the wildlife animal in the wilderness is very important for the overall enviornment. There are so many people that are developing new homes and businesses in areas that are protected for the wild life animals. If, we keep cutting down trees and buliding homes or businesses where will that live for the homes for the wild animals? They too need a secure area that allows them to reproduce and keep the population going. Also, having wild life animals is important in our environment because it helps with Read the rest of this entry »

28 May

Knowledge Is The Key To Saving Our Wilderness

Henry David Thoreau who loved the wild and its plant life and native inhabitants stated “the wilderness is the preservation of the World.” Our wilderness areas and forestry lands are a life saving ecological part of the human race. Knowing more about the wilderness is an essential tool that helps to maintain a healthy and sound life.

The wilderness, if protected and maintained in its natural form, gives the world clean water and healthy air to breathe. Natural plant species, that is being destroyed, Read the rest of this entry »

24 May

Tourism Bringing In Money To Help Save Our Wilderness

Tourism is one way people are helping to save natural habitats around the world. Some of the world’s natural wonders are in danger of being lost forever, but tourism is helping bring them back to life. When tourists travel to areas around the globe, they not only get a chance to experience the natural wonders of the Earth, they also gain a greater appreciation of the natural world. This appreciation, in turn, leads them to want to support conservation efforts.

Visiting Read the rest of this entry »

22 May

Many Protected Areas Of Wilderness Are Still Being Developed

Many protected areas of wilderness are still being developed despite growing public outcry against it. The Alaskan wilderness has perhaps received the most attention in the modern media as some groups have rallied in support of drilling the area for oil, but many other lesser known wilderness areas are threatened just as much.

Part of the problem with protecting wilderness from development is the very nature of wilderness: it’s remote. Watchdog groups and wilderness area Read the rest of this entry »

20 May

Protecting The Wilderness, Protects The Human Race

With so much of wilderness conservation wrapped up in politics, it may seem like there’s not much the average person can do. However, whether it is large environmental disasters, or even small neighborhood focused changes, everyone can help protect the wilderness. Here are just a few options that both adults and children can participate in.

Recycle Christmas Trees
In large towns, a new wave of reusing materials is the recycling or composting of Christmas trees. Christmas Read the rest of this entry »